Blackwood Review

Blackwood by Hannah Eaton

  • Format Read – Paperback
  • How did I get this book – Sent Review Copy by Turnaround Publisher Services
  • Date Read – October 26th – 27th
  • Genre – Graphic Novel / Mystery / Folk Horror
  • Publisher – Myriad Editions

A pair of murders has occurred 65 years apart, uncanny echoes of each other, in the ancient woodland beside Blackwood, a small town in middle England. Both evidence and local lore suggest overtones of ritual or of the occult. Past and present collide in the mind of 93-year-old Peg, while through her great-grandson 11-year-old Mason, and other members of her family, we soon discover that the town and Peg’s own life are full of secrets. Blackwood gradually reveals the dark soul of the town, where local politics and the human heart conspire to preserve England – its meadows, lanes and shadows – at any cost.

My thoughts

Blackwood is a graphic novel whose plot revolves around two murders in a small town, from which the title of the book derives. We as the reader are brought at varying stages throughout the book from present day, back to the 1950’s where the first murder occurred.

Police investigating both murders are given little to work with from those who live in the town. They appear to be quite a closed off bunch, and while rumours circulate, nothing concrete ever seems to manifest. However, both investigations seem to point to one thing – Witchcraft.

The investigators are told to approach this line of enquiry tentitively – but there does seem to be something different about the town. There are more than a few strange things going on and indications of occult and wiccan traditions are evident from the off – as seen in the opening sections of the wedding.

The small, sleepy English town gives off a real Wickerman vibe; in other words some of this is quite scary. Not in a jump off the page kind of way, but it is very creepy. The art work, which is done in pencil throughout, adds to the darkness of the story.

I was immediately drawn in to the mystery of the two murders and found this one almost impossible to put down. I read it in two sittings. If you are a fan of graphic novels, or things that go bump in the night, then this one is definitely for you. Highly recommended.

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