100 Book Challenge

UPDATE 30/12/2019

I have decided that this kind of challenge is not for me. There are too many books on here that I simply do not want to read. I have tried and failed to start a couple of them, and the ones I did (force myself to) finish have been more or less underwhelming, and I felt like it was time I could have spent reading something I would have enjoyed more.

I am going to start practicing what I preach more in 2020, and one of those things is to only continue reading books I am enjoying. I am sure there are books on here that I will read eventually, but I am definitely not going to read some of the books so I see no point in continuing with it. So, for now at least, I won’t update this page again.


UPDATE: 2/01/2019

If you have been keeping up with the Blog since early days you will know that I have a long term challenge of reading all the books on this poster. 81AEnA+rZXL._SL1500_

So, after ONE year the poster looks like this!


Given that this includes books I had already read I’m not too happy with my progress. I have a few issues with it e.g. some series (like all the Harry Potter books) count as one square! (that was a lot of reading!!!) . I was also trying to read in order for a long time and got completely stuck after Sophie’s World (which I hated and completely threw me off) which was followed by A Brief History of Time (which I am still on page 80 of after months).

I am now going to change tact and read the books I have, and ignore the order they are in. I have 2 on the go from the poster (aforementioned Brief….. and To Kill A Mockingbird) and aim to finish them soon and then move onto whichever book I find on my shelf first.

Wish me luck, this hasn’t been an easy road so far….

For Christmas this year (2017) my wife got me the wonderful gift of a poster. A “100 Books Bucket List” poster. I love it. Essentially, like a lottery ticket, you scratch the book off the poster when you are done and it reveals a picture beneath. The first thing I did was mark of the books I had already read, and this is when I realised that the poster is A LIAR! A number of famous trilogies and series are all located on this poster as one square, resulting in many more than 100 books! At the time I was finishing up His Dark Materials, and was in the middle of finishing Harry Potter, so that’s where I started.

As I am writing this I currently have 20 books from the poster read, and am now planning on starting from the top left and reading the rest of the books in order. If I read a book from the poster, I will say so in the review. For now…. On with American Gods……..

Available from Amazon here; 100 Book Poster