#FromTheBookshelf Review – At The End Of Your Tether (Graphic Novel)

Review – At The End Of Your Tether

  • Format Read  – Ecopy
  • How did I get this book  – Review copy provided via NetGalley
  • Date Read – November 13th 2019

The Blurb

For fans of Brick or Paper Towns comes At the End of Your Tether, the story of a boy who goes searching for his missing ex-girlfriend only to discover that some things aren’t meant to be found.

It’s a humid summer night in August 1997 and Ludo Carre is nervous. He hasn’t seen or spoken to his ex, Arlo Quinonez since he was fifteen. Now, he’s returning home to be reunited with the one person he made a connection with in his youth. The night before he arrives, Ludo gives her a phone call. Big laughs and a familiar cadence in Arlo’s voice don’t just instantly calm him down — they make him excited to see her. That excitement only hurts him more when they show up the next day and find out Arlo has been missing…for the last week. Determined to find her, Ludo takes things into his own hands, but the further he gets into his investigation, the more he questions how well everyone on base, in town, and even he himself really knew her. Gone without a trace, the girl he once knew everything about has now become a mystery. Where is his best friend — and who is she, as well?

My Thoughts

At The End Of Your Tether is an interesting graphic novel, but one that is certainly not for anyone looking for an easy read. From the start, I knew that this was going to be the case as the opening sections are a bit all over the place. It opens with three people starting a fire, but it almost seems as if the conversations that are happening are taking place between each individual and nobody else, the reasons for this may become a little bit more relevant later, but as an opening I was a little put off. This is made a little bit more perplexing by the fact that what follows in part one doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what preceded it. I can only imagine that the people who read the first book had two responses; 

  1. What the hell was that – I’m done
  2. What the hell was that! – I’m super intrigued to find out where this leads

If I hadn’t been reading this as the collected novel, I think I would have been in the former camp. 

BUT! Interestingly things come together a lot more from here. The story gets a lot weirder but in a good way, and I was really drawn in to finding out exactly what was going on. Overall, it brings us an interesting story – but I have to mark it down for the opening section. 

As regards the artwork, it is first class and I will certainly be looking for more work by V.V. Glass and Hilary Jenkins. 

To reiterate, this is a somewhat confusing but interesting read. Given the story line it is probably worthy of a reread just to try and figure out all the intricacies of the story. So, if your looking for a quick fix, this probably isn’t one for you. If you want something that you will really need to put your thinking cap on for, then it is. Recommended.