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It is time that time of year again folks, 2019 has come and gone so book bloggers all over the world are sharing their best and worst of 2019 lists. While I won’t be doing a worst of list, I will be talking about some of my favourite books I read in 2019 (so some of them were out before 2019). This list is made up of some of the books I rated 5 stars on Goodreads/Amazon over the year.

I made a quick decision that the books on the list can only have been released in or prior to 2019. So any books I have rated 5 Stars but aren’t yet officially released, won’t be on here. They may make next years list. ;-).

I read (and listened to)  134 books in 2019. I have gone through my 5 Star reads on Goodreads and have come away with a top 16. Like the Booker judges I just couldn’t be drawn on them in order to reduce it any more. So here we have it! The list is pretty much in no particular order.


when all is said anne griffin
When All is Said by Anne Griffin

“A wonderful and poignant look at the life after the death of a loved one. Also a great insight into how men in general may find it difficult to share their true thoughts and feelings, and the damage that not opening up can do.”

My Review


“Overall, this is one of the best memoirs I have ever listened to. A wonderful look at the life of a documentary film maker that is completely open. I don’t feel like he pulled any punches to cast himself in a good light. It felt like it was more cathartic than that, and that he was lifting some weight of his shoulders. I loved it, and I think you would love it to.”

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the dark

“As the nights grow longer The Dark brings us the perfect thriller to curl up with. Derek Flynn’s John Ryan Series continues to impress at every turn. Highly recommended.”

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six stories

I am far from recommending just this book, but I didn’t want to put all the books here AGAIN. Six Stories as a book is amazing, as a series, brilliant. Get on all three now (and soon the fourth).

“I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, and the quality of writing is plain to see. Each chapter felt like it was paced perfectly. It is clear that the Narrator is learning more about the story as we listen, and this helps to drive the plot into new areas.”

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one word

“The story line here is top notch. I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t go to sleep without finishing – leading it to be read in it’s entirety in a day and a half (well I did have to go to work and take care of my daughter too). The story is a great representation of how, as a teenager, you believe that anything is possible if you really try.”

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my thoughts

I’m not sure if I will ever be a fan of Lily Allen’s music, but this book is excellent. I listened on audio and couldn’t get over some of the stories she came out with.

leonard and hugry

“The book provides a wonderful escape from all the troubles that are going on. Since I have finished the book I have actually missed the characters and have found myself wondering about what they are up to. Perhaps a sequel is in order? 😉  It is an uplifting story, and one which I plan on reading again.”

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last ones

“This is a fantastic book, it is being compared to Cormac Mcarthy’s The Road by many, and it is very easy to see why, with vivid descriptions of a desolate land, intertwined with the ever present fear of attack from the Shrake”

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how to lose

“This book is part memoir, part lesson. I found it engrossing, informative and eye-opening. I’m not going to lie, some of the points that were true eye openers, and some of the points that Ece made showed me just how much I had fallen for.”

My Review

how not to be

I remember when Peep Show first came out. I loved it. I still do, and I binge watch an episode every now and again when in a reading slump. So I was looking forward to this one, but it took me ages to get to. Suddenly it was available on Borrowbox, so I listened in the car on the way to work, while reading on Kindle during lunch. I absolutely loved it – more so the audiobook to be honest as he reads it himself. While funny in places, it is also completely heartbreaking in others. Insightful and thought provoking. By the end, I felt I had to give myself a stern talking to in the mirror. I hope it holds.


“The entire book is filled with heart, and a clear knowledge and personal experience of the area during the troubles. Despite this the book is incredibly funny in places, although some of the humour may be a little dark at times.”

My Review

f yeah

“While Daniel obviously comes down on the wrong side of the Mario Vs Sonic debate, I’m willing to overlook it and give this a top score (see how nice I am, just like Mario. Not like that pompous hedgehog who is responsible for the worst game I have ever bought). It has everything going for it. It is insightful, full of interesting facts and is brilliantly funny. He’s knocked this one out of the park – which probably means we can go home and play more video games.”

My Review (this was the longest post I have written, I ramble on quite a bit but I stand by it)

el hacho

“As the old saying goes “great things come in small packages”, and this certainly fits the bill. At only 100 pages it is a quick read. Much like the mountain that features throughout, this story is a thing of beauty, majestic even. This is a debut to be immensely proud of.”

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“I found the characters entirely captivating, and really enjoyed finding out about their lives. I loved following their development from childhood wannabe rock stars to reaching the height of fame. It felt like the author had done a lot of research into what drives certain people to reach for the stars, and it came across very well.”

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convenience store

“This is a delightfully funny book that has a wonderful message to tell. I picked it up on an evening where I wasn’t feeling so well but it hooked me entirely – ideas of finishing up a TV show binge were completely put on hold – and I read it in one go – which is another rarity for me.”

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book of bones

While the previous 15 books on this list are in no real order, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a book of the year. This is that book. It had everything I hoped for and more. John Connolly once again showing why he belongs at the top of my “favourite authors” list.

“The book was incredibly immersive, I wanted to savour every moment. At over 700 pages it packs quite a punch, but it is worth every minute. While some may balk at the sight of it, it doesn’t feel like a massive tome while you are reading it. Each part of the book is necessary. This is a work of art, a masterpiece, I loved it.”

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Have you read any of the books above? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for the upcoming year? Let me know below.

So that is that! Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to read my blog in 2020!



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