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Genesis: Vision of the New World is part two in the Terra Nova series, and today I invite the author D. Ellis Overttun to the page. The author is bringing us a brilliant insight into the books and an extract from the latest in the series. They have also provided me with a wealth of links (which I have at the bottom of the page) that give us lots of excerpts from both books.

With that, I hand the reigns over to the author. Enjoy!

Genisis – Vision of the New World



A light streaking across the predawn sky, an explosion and an impending menace from above, seemingly unrelated events but connected to space‑time distortions predicted by an obscure scientific paper over 250 years ago. That same paper has predicted an end to the universe.

Has the unthinkable become a reality?

The ruling‑class Celesti see the danger as real and imminent since planet Arkos could become compromised in as little as 1,000 years. To them, that is one lifetime. That same timeframe is ten lifetimes to the servile‑class Gendu. To them, the threat does not even exist.

There are those within the Celesti who see the Gendu as a more immediate threat. Their solution is to genetically engineer a more pliant servant class and leave Arkos for an unknown planet. Is that even possible?

But will it even matter? The leaders of the Celesti, the Transcended, know a terrible secret: The Celesti are dying.

Against this backdrop of extinction lies the politics of power. A new leader has just assumed her role as the head of the Gendu Houses. However, she is an outsider. Will she be accepted or will she be cast out as an interloper?

Also, the leader of the most powerful religious organization on the planet is missing and presumed dead. It is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone bold enough to seize the moment. Who will fill this void? Someone with a hunger for influence and privilege? Or someone with a calling for higher purpose?

Finally, there is a prophecy from the Codices of Taru which foretells of a time of darkness when the “head will be cleaved from the body” that will announce the coming of the “Deceiver”. Ancient superstition or a vision of the future?

Genesis: Vision of the New World tells this story in vivid detail, an evolution of the narrative begun in Universe: Awakening. As part of this journey, it takes a fascinating look into the world of the Gendu and introduces readers to a host of new characters and relationships. It is a potpourri of science, political intrigue and discovery driven by characters with selfish and selfless motives.

Genesis: Vision of the New World

Chapter 65 – Proof of Concept

Background, Commentary and Excerpt

Tok and Maag are orangs, a bipedal humanoid species and the closest genetic match to Gendu and Celesti. In a previous chapter, they were the subject of genetic manipulation after their capture in the wild. Without giving anything away, it is one of the main story threads set out in the synopsis, an attempt by the Celesti to engineer a more pliant servant class. Has it been successful or is this science gone wrong that is the plot of so many sci‑fi narratives? Or is it too early to tell? The only thing I will say is that, at least from their appearance, the endeavor seems to have achieved the desired result. The chapter title would also imply the same. But who knows?

Nuff said. The events here unfold after their clinical trials. (Pun intended.) It explores the following premise: What would happen if someone you knew looked completely different? How and how long would it take you to figure it out? To find out, please read Genesis: Vision of the New World, Chapter 65 – “Proof of Concept”. As always, thanks to my wife, Natasha, for her visual.

Transition by Natasha Evelyn Overttun
Transition by Natasha Evelyn Overttun

* * * * *

Tok awoke in total darkness. He was on his back, lying on something very soft. Where was he?


“What is light?” he thought.

His surroundings gradually became illuminated. Strange what was going through his mind. Strange also was the sound of his voice, so different. Gone were the throaty, guttural sounds with which he was so familiar.


Something just above him receded to either side. Above, he saw the color of eggshells. He sat up and swung his legs over the flat surface on which he had been lying. His feet came to rest on something warm and slightly soft to the touch that looked like the color of night. He looked around. He was in a featureless enclosure.

“I’m in a…room,” he thought. He leaned forward and pressed down on the heels of his hands. The surface was soft and giving. “…on a bed.”

He noticed his hands and arms. Where was his fur? He looked at his right forearm. There was something wrapped around it a short time ago. It appeared to be gone. He tapped where it used to be. It was smooth and soft. He brought his hand close and sniffed. He smelled like…nothing. Next, he raised his head and tried to pick up what was in the air, but his surroundings also seemed devoid of any kind of smell. How strange.

He sat for a short time staring at his feet absorbing his new circumstance. Then, he happened to touch his chest. It felt strange. He looked downward. He was wearing some sort of covering. It was a thin, black gown. Thin, black gown…how did he know that?

He scanned the room. This time paying more attention to the details of his surroundings. There was another lying on bed a short distance away. As he approached, he saw that it was occupied by something that looked like…the strange‑smelling creature that had spread out fruit for him and Maag.

“AHHH!” He bolted away, his eyes desperately looking for a way out. With none at hand, he darted toward the farthest corner of the room. He slipped and fell. He stumbled to his feet without the benefit of the agility that he had once possessed.

His cries awoke the creature. She jerked her head upward and bumped into something just above her. She turned her head and looked toward the source of the sound and saw Tok. “AHHH!” She pounded on the something several times frantically trying to escape. “UNCOVER!” she finally screamed.

The something receded to either side, and she rolled off the bed and fell on the floor. She too stumbled to her feet looking around for a way to escape. By the end of the encounter, the two were cringing in opposite corners of the room.

Her mind was racing. “Where is my brother? He will protect me,” she thought.


At first the scream did not register, but then Tok slowly stood and walked toward the sound of his name. The approach did not go unnoticed, and the female tried to squeeze herself into the corner to make herself as small as possible.


The sound was familiar to the female but also different. She abruptly froze waiting for something to happen.

“Maag, it’s me Tok.”

“Tok? Tok, is that you?”


“You…you look so different.” She slowly rose to her feet. Something inside her told her to trust this creature who said he was Tok, but something also told her to be careful. She cautiously approached and sniffed him. She quickly pulled back. He did not smell like Tok. He smelled like…nothing. Then, she put her nose up and sniffed the air. It was the same. She could smell nothing. “Where is your fur?”

Tok had no answer. He simply shrugged his shoulders. Maag then noticed her own hands and arms. Where was her fur? She touched her forearm. It was smooth. Then, she noticed her black gown. For whatever reason, at that moment, the identity of the other became a certainty.

“Mirror, full length,” he called out.

A mirror appeared on one of the walls.

“How did you know that?”

Again, he shrugged his shoulders. Then, she realized that she too possessed the same knowledge. They approached the mirror and looked at themselves. They resembled two Gendu adolescents, although without the physical stature of their modern descendants.

“Is that us?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered, as he moved his arm up and down in sync with his refection.

They touched their faces. Their skin was smooth.

“What happened to us?” Maag asked.

Then, they heard a strange sound like pulling something big out of the mud. Something seemed to be forming on one of the walls. It separated, and a woman surrounded by pale‑yellow light entered the room. Even though they were separated from her, they could feel her presence, and she seemed to be pressing in on them. Fearful, they immediately dashed to a far corner and huddled close to one another for mutual support. She followed them but stopped at a distance that let them know she meant them no harm. So bright was the light around her that they had to avert their eyes, and they could only make out her most basic facial features. She seemed to be smiling at them.

“Who…who are you?” Tok asked.

“I am your creator.”

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And there we have it! Many thanks to the author D. Ellis for joining me on the page today and for providing such a wealth of information. I’ll certainly be looking into the series!