Blog Tour Review – Severed by Peter Laws

Hello and welcome to today’s Random Things Tours post. Today I will be discussing my thoughts on Severed by Peter Laws (Summary: Buy It Now!).

First of all, the formalities. Many thanks to Anne for organising this tour and also to Allison and Busby for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Now then, down to business. The book is officially OUT NOW (well since two days ago) so if you have been following the tour, and your appetite has already sufficiently whet (if that’s a sentence) you have no excuses. It should be relatively widely available but alternatively you can order on AMAZON.

The Blurb

severed cover pictureDuring a communion service at a village church, the teenage son of a vicar brutally attacks his father with an axe. The horrified congregation watch the son escape and during a frantic police search rumours arise that the boy was involved in devil worship. Professor Matt Hunter, an atheist ex-minister and expert on religion, is brought in to advise, yet he quickly suspects the church attack may have a far more complex cause.

Meanwhile, a ten-year-old boy called Ever grows up in a small Christian cult. The group believe they are the only true humans left and that the world is filled with demons called Hollows, but they’re working on a bizarre ritual that will bring peace and paradise to the world. Soon, the worlds of Matt and Ever will collide in one awful, terrifying night where Matt is thrown into the frightening and murderous world of religious mania.

My Thoughts

Full disclosure, this is the third book in the Professor Matt Hunter series. I hadn’t read the others, and while I am sure that there were moments in this book that pointed at previous events, it took nothing away from my enjoyment of this novel. It worked incredibly well as a standalone – and has only left me wanting to go back and find out what the hell they were referring to! Anyway, Ready?


When I finished this book the first thing I had to do was take a deep breath. I’m not sure I had been regulating my breathing correctly, and needed to calm my heartbeat. You see, this, was an unexpected thrill ride that I would gladly hop on again.

The book starts with a bang (or a splat perhaps) and continues at rapid pace with high tension. It’s not all action though as there is a healthy mix of (geek) humour – normally delivered through our protagonist Matt, who I thought was wonderfully written, if slighlty flawed (see below). The cast of characters here are brilliantly worked – and while I wasn’t rooting for the bad guys – I loved how messed up they were.

Matt’s family were very interesting, and I loved the dynamic between husband and wife.

If I had to point out a negative (the aforementioned flaw) it would be that during the book Matt makes negative remarks about liquorice. As you will know from yesterday’s review of Red Snow I LOVE liquorice… I almost had to put the book down…. only for a minute though. 😉


Aside from this (for shame) I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It definitely deserves your attention if you are a fan of the macabre. This one is perfect for fans of John Connolly, I should know, I love the Charlie Parker books. I highly recommend that you pick it up, and get stuck in.

Go on, off to the shops with you – or if you want to order online, go here AMAZON UK.

About the author

peter laws author picturePeter Laws is an ordained Baptist minister with a taste for the macabre. He regularly speaks and preaches at churches and events. He has also made a name for himself in horror circles with the podcast “The Flicks that Church Forgot”, has had his writing appear in The Sun and The Fortean Times, and is fast becoming a spokesman for all things macabre.  He lives with his family in Bedfordshire.     Twitter

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