Quick Review – Lady Beth

Author – Caroline E. Farrell

Amazon UK Book Depository

The Blurb;

Beth has been keeping secrets from her beloved son, refusing to tell him who his father is. When an unforeseen tragedy takes him from her, she is compelled to face the demons she has been running from all these years. She has come full circle, and with nothing left now but her memories and her knowing, the need for revenge scratches inside her veins. Lady Beth is an urban thriller.

As the blurb describes, “Lady Beth” is an urban thriller. Set in Dublin and surrounding it’s seedy underbelly of drugs and other criminal enterprise this book tells the story of Beth, her secrets, and her need for revenge.

This book is quite short (my paperback copy clocks in at 165 pages) but it packs a mighty punch.  This book is fast paced and the opening sections of the book gripped me straight away, not letting up until the very last page. Not for the faint of heart this book deals with the harsh consequences of drug use, sexual exploitation and more, without shying away from the details.

I found the entire cast of characters fascinating, and was truly rooting for Beth all the way through.

A truly powerful read. I very much recommend it.