Quick Review – Death Of A Diva

Author – Derek Farrell

Publisher – Fahrenheit Press

The Blurb;

Danny Bird is having a very bad day. In the space of just a few hours he lost his job, his partner and his home.

Ever the optimist, Danny throws himself headlong into his dream to turn the grimmest pub in London into the coolest nightspot south of the river. Sadly, everything doesn’t go quite as planned when his star turn is found strangled hours before opening night.

Danny becomes the prime suspect in the crime, and then the gangster who really owns the pub starts asking where his share of the takings has gone… it seems things are going to get worse for Danny before they get better.

“Death Of A Diva” is the first of a series of books by Derek Farrell published by independent publishing house Fahrenheit Press

While the book can be bought on Amazon, it would be brilliant if you chose to buy it direct. They have both electronic and paperbacks available HERE.

This post is coming a little late, as regular readers will know that this book was one of my books of the month for July.

“Death Of A Diva” introduces us to a fantastic protagonist in Danny Bird. He is unlike any character I have read in the genre before. Overall I found this book to be a refreshing change of pace and a really fresh and exciting take on the crime/mystery genre. The book is also rife with humour and I was bursting my sides laughing at points.

The story work here is second to none and from the first page to the last I was enthralled, and left on tenterhooks while trying to figure out “whodunnit”. The author has also created a tremendous set of secondary characters who are there not only to back up Danny, but in some cases to hinder him. There were times where I felt like screaming advice at Danny, and other times where I really wanted to sit down in The Marquess of Queensbury (his bar) and chat it out.

This is certainly a series and an author to keep an eye on and I will definitely be picking up the next book. Highly recommended. 5 Stars!